Miracles no, some interesting pictures yes

New Nr. 1 of CZ person: STOLEN (GESTOHLEN)                                                                                                              Morocco MA adm. and tech. staff  Premiere                                                                          Algier DZ photo no chance                          Kosovo RKS              rare LT CD                        H HA Mil.                   MD US Style                                                                                                 from Nordcap home BIH/SRB convoy       Nissan Skyline GT-R anno 2000                   

Pure beauty.
But down there?
Verve, roar, alcoholism, drugs, street artists of the lowest sort, gangs of drunk Western youth, sacred squares full of circuses, Vietnamese alkoshops …
We do not want it! We want Geneva, Zurich, Salzburg. The potential for that is.
Prague is the most beautiful city in the world. But the worst managed.
Soon, there will be elections. The ANO party promises to do so.                                        
“We want completely different tourists,” said the Petr Stuchlík.                                              

Woche nochmal ein prächtiges Ergebniss 48 (+1) Länder. Aber es hält nicht lange mehr.

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