Saturday Night Fever

Saturday morning. There is no public transport on the surface, everywhere just motorbikes. I drive through the subway to check where I was not.                                           12.36 Hotel Don Giovanni :first MNE in Week, 12.33 Sgt.Pepper and co. goes to TV Football (16.00) in Pub Hotel Olšanka, 12.48 before Palladium more CHN bikes. I’m losing track of what I’ve seen. This is not for sure.  I’m going home for football too.


17.54. ENG goes on  and I’m starting the evening route. With nice TR. 17.59 little Hotel next. So ,here is KWT home. 18.18 I discover the most prominent LV C under the castle.   The most reddish LP.                                                                                                             

19.10 already on the other side. Staré Město. The first RSM this week. 19.53 Hotel on the River. 20.05 MA Crew in the Hilton.                                                                                                                                     

I’m sitting in the café. I write René: “I have 39 states, but the day is far from finished.” Russia’s great journey through the world championship ends.                                             22.14 Wenceslav Square (Václavák) last in line Mexico MEX                                               22.17  first   AL in week.  23.28 The Magistrale is full of a motorcycle. It is a very clear night race. It overtakes from left to right. Back to Václavák abbreviated. And in the dark street lands GBJ.                                                                                                                                                         

0.20 last subway home. I have 45 Countries. But de facto Record because without SRB!,BIH,MK and MD.

Sunday morning                                                                                                                                  … es endet Woche mit absoluten Rekord seit Messung : 58 Länder (+13)

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4 Responses to Saturday Night Fever

  1. René says:

    Wow, was für ein erfolgreiches Wochenende! So viele tolle LPs! Und ganz nebenbei wieder MEX! Hast recht, da hätte ich in Prag bestimmt auch fette Beute machen können. Leider hatte ich aber keine Zeit. Mal sehen, wie es die nächsten Wochen so läuft.

    • materazzi says:

      Sei im Ruhe, alles ist schon wieder weg. Spotten harleys ist ganz schwere Arbeit.
      So jetzt habe ich genauso MEX Staaten (Jalisco,Disctrit Federal,Morelos und Sonora) wie du von USA.
      Sonst auf Länderzahl bleibt 2017 unbesiegbar.
      Bin auch neugierig was noch kommt. Aber wie 2016 alles wiederhollt sich immer. 2017 kam von jedem ein und der nächste.
      Melde dich wenn du fährst.
      Morgen noch der 58en von So. nachmittag. Asia speziale.

  2. Jovata says:

    Thank you for the great contribution – many small states, description of occurrences is very welcome to me as a good connoisseur of Prague.
    Last week, for carspotters, he was very hectic and recordable.
    For me is No.1 MEX moto.

    • materazzi says:

      Thanks. It was really hectic.
      Ask Rene when he goes to Prague. And go to the duel.
      In the worst case it may not be the same day. But 1.2 apart.
      I make shots to make everyone know where it is from. Of course, you know Prague better than Rene. So you have the advantage.
      P.S.: Najdi si přes google “british license plates register” a zadej si tam číslo a vypadne ti,kdy a kde a na co se to registrovalo. Třeba ti to někdo poví přesně.
      We ask adress from British LP register. And know how. Thanks.

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