So I was just staring …

Please tip. Extraordinary category-2 points.
I look forward to. Tomorrow’s result.

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8 Responses to So I was just staring …

  1. René says:

    RL Libanon – new format

  2. Jovata says:

    I have never seen this type before. I did not see the with any European country. I also think RL: see “PROTOTYPE 2016” on “plaque”. The same combination of 1 letter and 6 numbers, the font type is the same. Only cedar is missing.

  3. raphael says:

    In first I thought it could be Spain (plate before 1972) but after a while I also thought about Lebanon.

  4. Héctor says:

    I say too new Lebanon format. Since December 2017 they have this format.

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