87. Autosalon Geneva. Time after. Inside report.

Before 19.00 last day                                                                                                             Skoda R5 WRC II           Toyota Yaris WRC              Hyundai i20 WRC         Liberty Walk   19.00 The Great End with all Horns, here Škoda crew,      immediately  begins demolition   20.30 first car leaves                                                                                                  Asto Martin Vulcan   ,800PS , 2.3 mil. US Dollars                                                                       P.S.: Large lights had gone out. Apology for mobil photos                                 allready outside waiting trucks                                                                                                       only Koenigsegg in problem and who will drive the Pagani ?      However, after about ten minutes to be replaced  . By lambo all perfect. 1 car 5 min. Pagani half hour.              Only Koenigseggs 1500 PS can not start  to push                                                                           In the 22 is a big of the cars was gone. But the demolation and removal of the rest will continue for several days                                                                                                                 _________                ____________            ____________            ___________             ______________           Bon Viaggo Squadra corse etc. and  au revoir a bientôt in Geneve

Coming soon: License Plates from GE            

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