Sint Maarten : To be or not real?

Prague, 30.05.:  Sint Maarten SX  , former  Nederlandse Antillen                                               DSC05200 DSC05199 DSC05204 DSC05201 Gruzia GE , New Plates Premiere                                                                                                   DSC05213 DSC05214  DSC05217 DSC05224 Chase-my bicycle faster than USA,Texas       Hungary Parade              Old CZ CD                      DSC05215  DSC05244 DSC05249 DSC05255 USA ,anti Obama                                                                                                                              DSC05269 DSC05268  DSC05315 DSC05301                           

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5 Responses to Sint Maarten : To be or not real?

  1. Raphael says:

    I think it’s probably a fake because the lettre “V” is used for trucks. For cars it’s M and P as you can see there

    • materazzi says:

      Thank you. Is this not for very little island Truck?
      Is this license plate original or Copy?

      • Raphael says:

        Even if it’s a small island I think jeep / 4 Wheel drive are registred as private car, not as truck. If I understand well people in St Maarten change plates each year (but they keep heir registration) and blue plates were in 2008.
        It’s a real license plate (I mean as item) but not the true registration of this car. It’s my opinion.
        I like a lot your site. Prague is a very interesting city for plate !

  2. materazzi says:

    Thanks Rafael for the valuable information and words of praise. How is it with your Plates Place?

    • Raphael says:

      I live in Toulouse (South-West of France), not so much a tourist place. Just interesting for plates from Andorra, Spain, Portugal, North Africa.

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