With a handheld rocket launcher to travel through Syria

13/9 : Izrael IL – (non CD Premiere)         מטייל ישראלי בפראג                                             DSC03687 DSC03692 DSC03690 DSC03693 Polish Zlombol pitstop                                      Go and Stop                                           DSC03697 DSC03698  DSC03674 DSC03575 DSC03700 DSC03695  DSC03705 DSC03707 Rarely seen:  Bristol 403 (1953-1955, 287 pieces)                                    The Dark Knight  DSC03722 DSC03717 DSC03719  DSC03726 Jersey Time                                                                                                                                     DSC03723 DSC03732 DSC03731  DSC03730 Morocco MA (5th.)       San Marino (4th.)          Turkey (CD)                    Portugal (CD)              DSC03742 DSC03743 DSC03735 DSC03784

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