The last thing left: China and Korea

Import: nothing, trucks: UZB, KZ, etc. replaced by UA (drives completely free in the EU), supercars rally: nothing, gulf: nothing and others: nothing, nothing, nothing.

As you can see, RUS is passable. Great roads, safe, everything cheap, nice people. I don’t understand the seekers of crazy new ways through the various -stans.

The asphalt will be on fire in Monaco this weekend.

Allez Charles, forza Ferrari.

A memory of 2021. Covid. No one anywhere.


Charles then won qualifying and crashed the car on the way back to the pits. Everything looked fine at the start on Sunday. But the car didn’t even complete the warm-up lap. Hence the tears. With hindsight. It was a short time when Hamilton fell and Verstappen was not firmly seated on the throne. Since then, it has not been possible to win. It would definitely happen then.

Charles pre-race Thursday. Haircut at mom’s. With a friend on a bike and found from fans.

Friday’s traning.

Saturday 11 o’clock. Charles comes to the pits for Qualifying.

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