The Grand Prix starts at dusk

The timetable for Menton is simple and clear today.

It’s full in Leclerc apm shop. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anyone at Mika motorbikes yet.

Eastern edge of MC. Direction Menton, Italia. A real rally takes place here every day. Scooters against cars, scooters against scooters. Every pass counts. A narrow built-up road over a precipice. The very hill and the bend. Only the occasional roundabout. Tens (other sources say up to several hundreds) of thousands will leave the MC. At the beginning (it was about 5:30 PM) there were still a lot of girls at school, grandmothers, mothers with children. Sixth, only hard men, able to go Dakar immediately. In Menton, you can’t even ride a bike at 7:30PM. The starting field has already thinned out, the faster it goes. Destination Ventimiglia (about 30km) possibly further.

I think it was last night. I stopped at a red light in Menton. And an Italian motorcycle next to me. On his feet were those beautiful leather moccasins with bare feet. So we exchanged a few words and glances at our shoes. The track is so demanding, cars are overtaken at cm, that everyone could ride a GP moto after a one-day training session. In the front positions. Unfortunately, you have to imagine the noise and stench from the scooters.

Of course, this is an attraction only for us above the Alps. We only see a few motorbikes in the summer. And Vespas is at the annual gathering.


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