Shortened moving day today

I reached Place on my route. Obviously full. The train has already arrived in Menton from Italy full. And in this they bring Leclerc Ferrari in front of Casino. Nobody knows what’s going on, not even me. I evaluate it correctly. Evasive maneuver. I’m more like guarding the entrance to the Hotel de Paris. Suddenly, Portier and the beauty make their way through the crowd and they quickly leave. I already know and I’m running. Charles came out the back door. Brake. Porter out. Ch. behind the wheel and away.

Born in Italy, Alexandra Saint Mleux is a 21-year-old reportedly studying Art History in Paris, France. If her Instagram page is anything to go by, art is something she loves appreciating and getting people to talk about. While how she and Leclerc started dating isn’t exactly known, now that they are, they’ve become one of the most adorable couples in the paddock. In their four months together, Alexandra has become a paddock regular. Although she’s now called ‘Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend,’ there’s so much more to her.

So tomorrow I hope with full commitment.

A new look. Finally from the balcony. Menton.

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