Busy day. Nothing but 100%.

TN – completely unprepared again.  The second one was better. KSA? The driver looked like that. Certainly not Estonian.

Soldiers from Peru. I was passed by such a strange vehicle before. I couldn’t see anything ahead. But back for a fraction of the time! Black 2 numbers- 2 letters-2 numbers. When I met those soldiers, I was blown away. And in a moment 4 more Asian monks in those red skirts. Better not to think. NI BOX, once a sensation, is really going down. It was the only vernacular building in MC.

Deep, deep below the MC. McLaren garages. And there’s Lando Norris. He talks to the staff. You can’t take pictures. I know they are very sensitive about that. The mechanic jumps out and Lando drives off. That went fast. Although I didn’t go up to stop him there.

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