Tourists overwhelmed and suffocated

Ici Monaco. Ici Monaco-Monte Carlo. Well, I’ve never gotten tired of this. And then into the tunnel. And heaven above MC.

By evening, all parking lots are full. So the tourists’ cars drove around the F1 circuit. The police sent cars not where they wanted, but not to block traffic.

SK (I rather think CY) was already standing in the direction of the Place, but the policeman sent him down to turn around and come from below. He never came back.

Never go to the Plaza at this time. No fool would park a car in a crowd like that. so tourists were looking at peugeots and fiats of other tourists.

Before you can get a coffee for 50 at Cafe de Paris, you have to stand in line for 50 minutes.

Before the train arrives. The French and Italian actress narrated the whole story fantastically. By the time my train comes back, it’s like being in a theater. I can’t give priority to anyone. Both amazing. For the Slavic ear.

And on a warm evening to Italy. And here are the catches.

Now I know why I thought Stephane Valeri was the boss. He always stands in the most honorable place with his work tree frog green Smart. When he arrives at the Place.
7. – I just arrived, on the Place with the prince and princess Charlene. I haven’t seen it here yet.

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