In the end, it wasn’t just about advertising photos

Very rare South Carolina, USA

They opened a new parking lot on Avenue Princesse Grace. I was totally blown away by the light lines in the floor. How much did it have to cost?! But this is Monaco.

Kuwait KWT. It got so hot in the afternoon that I remembered to go to my wild beach. By the time I made up my mind on the bench at the Princess Grace Theatre, it was almost a shadow. But I could still enjoy the sea for half an hour.

After returning to the base, I added clothes.
And the mobile remained deeply hidden when the Pagani Huayra arrived. This is to carspotters as the Falkland Islands are to us.

To my surprise. First record of this Pagani. Autogespot etc. NOTHING. Verstappen?

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2 Responses to In the end, it wasn’t just about advertising photos

  1. OndraCZF says:

    It’s not Pagani Huayra. This is brand new Pagani Utopia – first customer car! I met this car in Pagani factory on June. Awesome catch, lucky you!

    • materazzi says:

      Díky. Já přijel z okruhu, bylo k věčeru, tak jsem navlíkal na sebe vše na večer. A přijelo tohle. A já měl mobil pod dvěma vrstvama. Tak jsem ho vylovil až v poslední moment a zbrkle honem , ještě za pohybu ,máčkl. Tak to je rozmazaný. Taky mě to naprosto překvapilo. Pozdravuju a moc díky za vysvětlení.

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