Another Cyprus

The introductory part is over. That finding out what’s new. The end of the year offers certain chances.

Another piece from the Centenario Rainier II exhibition.

The largest building of the Rainier II era. was the construction of an entire large district on the sea. Fontvieille. MC got the Commerciel shopping center, Stade Louis II, Heliport, hi-tech streets, company headquarters (Gildo Pastor, Telecom Monaco…) and lots of apartments.

Rainier II he ruled for an incredible 56 years. He completely changed the Principality of Monaco during his era. Practically everything that citizens, residents and visitors enjoy was created during his era. His wife, Princess Grace, then international glamour.

His son Albert spent the last twenty years with him every day in the prince’s study, preparing to take over the reigns.

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