Italian services on site – the fight begins

He fetched a chair from my hotel and settled into the apex of the roundabout. There is no better place. Also more dangerous.
Various security forces (Polizia locale, Carabinieri…maybe 15) will stop traffic as the racing cars pass.

The pace is set by the moto police at the top. It’s crazy, murderous. Even the supercars of the sponsors keep pace with the effort. Racing cars all drift.


The second main sponsor (after Choppard) is Mercedes Benz. It can be seen that he was talking to the start list. Of course everything Italian is accepted. Then a bunch of Mercedes. We do not take BMW and Audi.
But everything rushes through the city at such a pace that it is difficult to see everything. Cuba C (known from before) 77th Premiere 2023.

Behind the official starters are glued cars enjoying a free passage through Italy. The police consistently remove other road users. Sometimes they have to help themselves.


In D, if you stick a number on the door and drive a few meters to Aldi, you end up blocked and in handcuffs. Everything happened here with the enthusiasm of the police, participants and spectators. Including illegal ones, 1000 cars passed. And nothing happened to my roundabout. And I believe everywhere else. Buon viaggio.


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