People think, circumstances change

they already kept me here for a routine medical check-up. On a diet, without cigarettes and coffee, road smog… Well, they completely turned my life upside down.


When I was buying an apartment, it was decided that it was in the neighborhood of our best hospital – Na Homolce. For years, I went there normally to see a doctor, also for food, to the pool. So now I’m enjoying my stay for the first time. Very very superior. The first few days I was mad that I couldn’t be in the field. Today it seems to me that there is no reason to rush out.


Everyone to Arjeplog for the test. Everyone goes to this S village. And we still don’t know what they were carrying under the sail with Lp 1LNN5517 ? Lübeck, March 2019.

2019. It came so quietly. Today we already know. The last time of prosperity and some kind of freedom.



I watched the Princier as he was leaving the Fairmont Hotel (de facto his – who knows what % of shares he has in SBM). He was saying goodbye to a whole line of dignitaries standing in line, eyeing the young lady at the very end. Of course, the director.
No, it wasn’t two strangers saying goodbye. How close was she to becoming the Princess of Monaco at one time?
I think she would make a good princess. Very, very good.



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