Ukrainian Easter

On Easter and similar mass events, I try not to go downtown. Not until Monday afternoon, when a significant part of the tourists had already left. Yes, she left. Unfortunately, the long-term ones don’t. Czech was not audible at all. Ukrainian (and Russian) everywhere. There was no escape. Just to remember Prague and the Czech Republic from before. De jure we exist – de facto no longer.

Azerbaijan AZ, 2023 Premiere as 71th state

For now, the Vietnamese Vinfast fleet is resting well hidden from the world. On one of them, Lp was looming under a layer of sails. But the tow truck driver said it was just the frame.

Woche 47 (-1) Land.

It will break out on Sunday. A subsequent march in front of the seat of government. 300 thousand expected participants. The government, traitors, go to ….

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