Top secret transport from Vietnam


He will definitely go on the road, but it will not be easy to meet him. But with which license plate? Certainly more than 50% of these vehicles drive on their own. So the chance for Vietnam is not 0. Even I did not know until today that there is a Vinfast car company in Vietnam. The vehicles arrive cargo from HAN and were transferred to PRG at FFM. Price for transport of one car 320t.CZK. So about 13 thousand Euros. Everything was absolutely secret. In an unguarded moment, I momentarily peeled off the tape across the middle of the wheel. He was there >. And you paired it from the countries of origin. The sign was already in the correct position on the car radiator.V.                                                                             They put all 3 cars in a top secret location.
Hope to hear more next week.

I always thought that car companies come here to test because of broken roads. The truth is even worse. They come here to test air conditioners. So much dust, smog, ground-level ozone and other poisons – there is nowhere else.

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