At least to forget for a while

that our “liberal democratic” government has introduced censorship, persecution of people with a different opinion, inflation of 19%, replacing the original population with some of the Soyuz, that they are trying to drag us into war, that we have an annual deficit of more than 500 billion…

Come with us to the march in front of the seat of government. Perhaps you will forget for a moment that the Green Deal destroys the economy, that it cares more about the Ukrainian people than its own people, that instead of national governments, NGOs from overseas and the European Commission elected by no one rule.

Huge turnout. I still don’t care that 80% didn’t come. Support from motorists, but surprisingly large. However, we really delayed them – a concert of support horns.


The sun was burning like in Cannes, the route was long. But it went well. I’d go until midnight just so them (and them) would go away.


We have reached our destination. But we are at the very beginning.

Woche 48 (+1). Kein MNE.

Dozens of people slept near the seat of government. The camping base is growing. The protest continues.

The leader of the rebellion against traitors JuDr. Jindřich Rajchl, chairman of the PRO party.


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