Look what I bought for 6.90 €. How is this possible? I always considered I and F to be equal countries in everything.

The balcony where Giulia Capuletti  were standing . As you can see, visitors can go up to the balcony and take a selfie. (paid admission). Definitely a good idea from Verona City Hall. Where there was an entrance is now an exit. And there stands the security guard and calls everyone Uscita (read Ushita). Even though he knows that 100% of the visitors are not Italian.

Industrial district with shopping center. I thought a better truck could come along. And I also wanted to buy that nice jacket that Italians wear. Neither was available.

Arena Verona. Opened in 30. I haven’t forgotten anything . 30. Nothing happened in CZ for 800 years after that!  They have their Fete du Citron in the summer. The famous opera festival takes place in the Arena.

Today I got about 3 points for cycling Verona.
30 countries. About 1/3 to 1/5 of it trucks. Personal 1.CZ. Good still B, SLO…UA just average. The first city of the Tour where they did not win.

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