Les Rafales skimmed the surface

Otherwise, nothing happened all day until…

…in the evening on that low-lighted lower harbor street (Rue dela Piscine) from the dark against the M and behind it the Bugatti. All day in seconds.

38 countries + M and SLO ?

Fête du Citron is approaching in Menton. Starting with the liquidation of parking lots, fully occupied accommodation and the inability to go to my bakery for Croissant chokolade (dark or white) and coffee. If the angry French working people let me go, my stay is coming slowly to an end. Otherwise, I understand their requirements. If they can support 100 000 UA in the country (I think 98% of that number will be at CdA) then they too could have a good life. Of course, the vast majority of F can only dream of the kind of CdA apartments they got. Just like in the Old Town in Prague.

It’s a shame that the beauty- saleswoman is not on the website. As he sees me, he already prepares without asking, he knows what I will want. I will miss a million things. This is one of them.

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