We were left abandoned

So what? Which way will he go?

The sad fate of these cars. And probably the owner too. It totally rubbed off on me too.

He admits. Already after dark in Cannes like this, I walk to the station with horror. I remember those times. From top to bottom: Deleted. So it happened today at 19 in MC. Unreal confusion broke out. Trains on the board appeared and then disappeared. After the 20th, the first train appeared. At the Cannes platform. The train had Vintimille. People got off and on again. Total drama. Finally, a train in our direction jumped on and immediately arrived. People tried to save themselves in buses. MC buses could not get to the stop because it took at least 10 minutes to get to Nice and Menton. The buses ran like sardines. When the can was full, it was time to eat. In Menton I found out that we were the last train for the day. They were already locking the station behind us.

Dakar 2023 is half over 

Today was a rest day. The bivouac was visited by a Saudi prince (right) and the chairman of the FIA (left).
What factory teams thought about winning. After two days it looked like that. Then they started to drop like pears in autumn. Audi poured billions into it. He paid aces like Sainz etc. All over. All. Outside of Toyota. Nasser al Attyah (1.photo) again as in charge for 4 years. Team mate second. Third Toyota B from Belgium (Overdrive). And the fourth Sebastian Loeb (2.). If he hadn’t stopped for over an hour (I think in the 3rd stage) it would have been close.

Toyota, Audi, Mini…shipped cars directly to KSA by plane. They only sent trucks with workshops and spare parts, escort cars, etc. to Paul Ricard.
This is Sebastian Loeb’s workplace.


I’m really glad I was there. I haven’t fully appreciated it yet. And of course I wouldn’t know about Madagascar. And the passenger didn’t know it either. And he asked the pilot. He looked at me: Imatriculation? Yeah, yeah, I nodded . Madagascar.


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