Joker was 17 mn away.

It’s supposed to rain on Sunday, so go to Nice today. In the MC there are 3 places in the dry where you can watch the traffic from the immediate vicinity. Not a single one in Nice.

I have 2 locations in Nice. The first one did nothing. And the clouds are coming. A typical scenario even for an MC. On the 14/15, the cloud will come. Then another photo of Nice in the sun. Speaking of weather. I took a good look at the weather in MC recently. Including air quality. So we have 13 points, which qualifies as excellent. The maximum is 15. This will probably only be air from the laboratory. And the why not point 14? Those will be the from F and I scooters. In November, Prague will be covered with a terrible, smelly blanket of smog. Air quality is not discussed at all. Maybe the values from the airport are given.

At station II. Nice Ville prepared a table and something for me to sit on. I can even lie down and take a nap.
Every black Lp evokes associations with GBG. Phew! Pure madness. When there were 3 of them during the whole time!!! UK – then GBG…
It’s getting dark. It’s time to go to Aéroporto, 17 minutes away. The last joker, I think.

BG??? I only know X alone. That’s probably Chaskovo on the TR border, I always thought. I can only think of SN. Even the car blacked out, battered with lettering. Well, maybe someone will tell us.
And the bomb at the end.
Abkhazia ABH, 2nd all time, 4 years premiere. Of course it’s not the original. But I am not an orthodox, expert blog about Lp. I’m just following traffic and its peculiarities. I’m mainly interested in whether this alphanumer is written in the technical license.
Anyone can lose LP, especially at this time. Even the Russians with those transcriptions and this ABH is an LP for me to record in my overview.

2 hours later: So now read the comment. But I’ll leave it here in the original version. But I won’t count her. Fortunately, I already have 1.

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4 Responses to Joker was 17 mn away.

  1. raphael says:

    Very nice catch but I’m sorry R and U are not use in ABH.
    Only letters common to Cyrillic and Latin alphabet : A B E K M H O P C T Y X.

    • materazzi says:

      Thanks. That’s a series of bad news. And it used to be the other way around. But as you say. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s these moments that make you do it.
      What about BG? You don’t write anything. So BG?

      • raphael says:

        In BG it’s the same as in ABH, they don’t use L and Z. I have no idea about this mystery.

      • materazzi says:

        So thanks. Most importantly, it was fun. It was nice in Nice. Just those 17 minutes on the bike without a single stop is pure joy. In MC it’s about 17 seconds. I’m glad you’re with us.

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