It’s not heaven. But it’s close.

2 cars did not start. the Norwegians will use it for a 3-day stay in MC. The Germans tried. And indeed. at this moment he is already on the rampage somewhere near Valence, Digne or Gap on the night SS with the others.

Absolute heaven. Lamborghini Miura. Feruccio L. made tractors and bought cars nearby from Enzo Ferrari. He bought a new one once and it broke right away. So he looked at it and went to explain to Ferrari what he was doing wrong. Maesrtro got very angry and insulted and said that he would never sell him another car. So FL made a Miura. The absolute highlight of my childhood.

Fig. 3. Ferrari 488 Pista, Lp 488P, Monaco stripes. I was mainly looking to see if it was still Charles Leclerc. Yes, I saw him absolutely reliably. So he’s home.

Lamborghini Diablo. I have seen 4 in my life. 1 of them yesterday and 1 today.


It’s not heaven. But there are times when it touches him.

They drove cars out of the square everywhere. Here, on the contrary, the more, the better. But one day they will be swept away by the world madness, that we see at every turn, too.


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2 Responses to It’s not heaven. But it’s close.

  1. Alessio says:

    Super úlovky! Ten Veyron byl dřív v Praze, dovezli ho tam kluci ze Scuderie Praha. Ted uz má zase MC znacky. Na majitele byl zatykac interpolu.. uz asi nebude ani delat konzula SK v MC.

    • materazzi says:

      Ano, to je fakt. Na jedno půldne. Miura jedoucí- to je pro mě vrchol. Mimochodem ,za Miuru by sis mohl koupit 8 Diablo. A taky jsem rád, že jsem viděl Leclerca.
      Horší je jak se nechali v CZ zfanatizovat i lidi , kterým byla politika ukradená. A běželi volit sluhu současný hnusný vlády o kterým nic nevědí. Nejhorší je, že důsledky pocítí i ti, co ho nevolili.

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