Nice: So all the good, Rossija

It didn’t take long before a cup of wine landed in my hand. So I got brave and for the first time in my life tried pelmeni, pirozhki, etc. Great! However, Tomáš Poláček wrote about it from his hitchhiking trip to Magadan. So many warm people, so many invitations, food.

Such a complex conflict and CZ etc. cowardly propagandists have the whole explanation in one sentence.

On the way to Nice-CdA in the opposite direction. Isle of Man GBM. Extremely rare in recent years.

The airport was full. unfortunately only F and MC. I remember how I was here during covid. Two flights a day, completely empty parking halls.

Heute 32, gestern MC 31, vorgestern 31. Woche 47 (-3). Die PRG non problem Länder hier fehlten. BY, TR, DK, MK, BIH…Anstatt RM, CHN, BRN, BR, ZA.

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