Prague syndrome: the more tourists, the less catch

The first Lp AND (then 4 in total) 200m and 2 minutes from the station. They even overtook the UA. She lost today for the first time. Definitely B and E more. Also D, CH, L GB probably more.

Ferrari 330 already with MC Lp. How else 330S. The red one has an Lp!

MA and great interest in the new GT3RS.

I rank the Mc Laren P1 supercar higher. And Lp of the day to conclude. I must go home. So many otherworldly beautiful young ladies and women, one must breathe.

A year ago at this time I was sitting in the Fairmont corner. And Charles Leclerc in a Ferrari from below. He even had the window down and I wink at him, he didn’t want a photo like you?
And today, a runner down the only path. Well of course Leclerc drove past. The family was standing a little further away, I can see how they lit up, family called: Charles,Stop. But he seemed thinner and younger to me. So I thought it would be his younger brother Artur from F2. I even tell the family.
When I looked now, no coincidence. It was Charles. The family also looked at me politely, but they thought to themselves: this is an idiot.
So I apologize to them from afar.

Charles Leclerc in April 2019 and January 2020.

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