Nothing is ever certain

There are no trains today for the first time. I only understand Eze across the board. After some time, 11-14 hours will jump. I will not drive to MC on a congested road of horrors. And I’m going to enjoy Menton.
The storm left – the waves remained as a memory. Azur time is coming.

I have no idea it’s a farewell bike photo. At about 13 the electric motor went out. The store is closed until 2:30 p.m. I’m getting a new one. They didn’t want to give it to me voluntarily. And until 16 to MC. I’m suddenly looking forward to it!

I actually did not enjoy the arrival at all this year. From Paul Ricard, how from another world. So now I welcome you, my MC. Pretty euphoric for a while. I haven’t experienced that intoxicating feeling in a long time.

This won’t happen anywhere else. Ferrari 330. 60’s, Rainier and Grace, the absolute cream of the world here. To this day, no one has made a nicer car.

Algier DZ. And another mystery. I’m going to ask. Ireland. I hope raphael doesn’t protest. Ukraine.

Don’t expect anything tomorrow. 20 ° in the shade. I will be on the beach in Juan-Les-Pins. They have the finest sand on CdA there. Only flour is finer.

It was like that exactly a year ago. But nothing is ever certain. Maybe until Sunday.
The only sure thing is that wherever you leave the house, the first Lp you see will be UA.


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