It’s just before 18. Will it be celebrated?

I choose a rest program. When I stop enjoying Menton-MC. Mainly coffee, desserts, sitting…

Peace everywhere. Expectation. Take a moment to look at Villa Vigie (left), where Karl Lagerfeld used to stay. And the hotel of the Emir of Qatar (above). The one between them on the slope?

The band arrived at the Place. Very good. Chariot totally got me. There is also a Czech version. So now I found it. Petula Clark in the original. When I’m thirsty or hungry, I take the bus to the port. Bicycle parked in the parking lot.

25th minute F-RA 0:1.
No one anywhere anymore. Just Italians, Ukry, a couple of Asians and me. I have peace and time to go to that photo at the ACM. Against the sun, confetti everywhere. Sebastian Loeb “rested” for 14 days in the hell of the dunes in KSA. Then he washed up and flew to Nice. He sat in a Ford and won the Monte Carlo Rally after four today this year. It’s all in your face. Beautiful photo. That depth of experience. How many times have I stood by her.
The harbor boulevard is completely empty. Completely. I am thinking that today there will be no more wonderful weekly points from Nice. For example TN. When suddenly…

It’s 6:20 p.m. Twice outside the windows roars and rattles. F equalized from 0:2. It is getting longer. So what? Will there be photos from the celebrations?

Live from Menton: The last moment of French happiness. F compares to 3:3.


Woche 48 (+-0). Aber CY und GBA dabei. 

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