A year ago, a famous day.

Getting up under Mont Agel (almost 1200m). The Grimaldis have huge estates there. ZOO. Founded already from the gifts of kings and sheikhs for the wedding of Rainier and Grace. Today, Princess Stephanie lives there permanently. Yes, the one that was with Grace on the last ride.

And breakfast in Italy. Mortadella, gorgonzola, foccacia e Chino. Everything here is simpler and more direct. At the end, they say Ciao to you. Like you’re theirs. I am

Hard to find Lp in MC today. Worst day ever.

At least I’m going to the MC and music exhibition. Very visual. And fragmented. I remember last year’s MC and the sea.

A Russian woman with her daughter waves and goes to the driver. So the Russian consul. Otherwise, only UA and sometimes D. Although it doesn’t look like D is sitting inside.

Exactly one year ago. And Miss from Guernsey didn’t come this year either.

In response to a comment and I couldn’t find on the net a lower GBG than I have. The closest was 7. All the best Isle of Guernsey.

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2 Responses to A year ago, a famous day.

  1. raphael says:

    I think it’s not 3100 from GBG but 31 OO from UK.

    • materazzi says:

      Probably yes. The gap was strange to me. So now it hurts less. GBG is the last of the missing islands. Stay faithful to us.
      If it was intentional – at least I believed them.

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