Desperately seeking Mr. Erdogan

19 hours. Dinner, cnn.prima news. Wow! Turkey brought its car to visit! Bike and up to the evening city. Ask. At the hotels, the police… I finally end up where I thought I wouldn’t miss… the Turkish Embassy.

As the only stupid civilian (as the Good Soldier Švejk used to say), I stand in a large team of CZ police, secret services and 60 Turkish members of President Erdogan’s bodyguards. In front of the embassy, there are about 20 vehicles ready to line up in the direction of the airport. So the visit is only a few hours long. At 9:15 p.m. (about 1 hour later than the police expected), the Turkish leader’s column appears.


TurkeyTR- The all-time premiere of the ruling Lp without letters and numbers.

From the series Desperate People Do Desperate Actions. UKR embassy sprayed.

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