Elections should not be anonymous

Why should those reasonable voters bear the negatives? Like now, voters of Spolu (CZ), Die Grünen, SPD (D) etc. would be visited by a representative of the state. “So you voted for the aforementioned. You voted to cut off energy from RUS. So we’re going to seal your gas, etc.”

The communists here had a motto: “Whoever doesn’t go with us goes against us”. It now applies: Whoever does not go with us is the RUS fifth column. How long will people keep liking it?

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II. through one of Jeremy Clarkson’s books.

Be sure to translate. You will have a great time. I’d like to do it myself, but it’s too long for those who didn’t learn to type in school.

    By the way, Elizabeth is Alžběta in Czech. Which is also very nice mame in Czech, such a noble name. One “Bětka” was also at the birth of this blog. It was called neofolk.blogosphere.cz and it wasn’t about Lp at all.


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