Where are the days when they drove at least FL

NL sharp guys. And dear DK. On the way from Brugge (B) to Vordingborg. I tell her – there is a good place. I’d rather follow you into the shade. You certainly won’t stay long. Come on, 10 minutes and he’s already running away.
By the way. Belgium eventually came close to NL rates. And nobody ever had Nederland written anywhere. Only Holland. And DK is always written Danmark. Never an English translation.

Absolutely unpleasant sun. It burns like hell. I do not want it. It’s so overlit that you can’t read Lp. End at 15. And the evening is unfortunately no longer visible. It’s just a brief moment of satisfaction.


The whole day (in 10-minute intervals) they drove VW buses to the WOB Lp to Copenhagen. Why? I overheard the answer.

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