Probably only the European Championship

The Sonderzug arrived again from Braunschweig. That’s a Swedish “mašina” (loco). From SAAB city. Some surprise hung in the air.

Faroe Island FO. Isle of Jersey GBJ.

An electric car is quite a primitive device. Tesla has made it even better. Why expensive knobs, buttons, etc. She hammered the display onto the bare instrument panel. And everyone else followed. I almost bought a Toyota Yaris Cross. But I didn’t bite the blank dashboard. And I don’t want to hit touch screens on CZ broken roads at all. Even the PRG metro is so noisy that I often miss it on my mobile phone.
So here’s MG. China bought the once famous GB brand. And makes exactly the same cars as VW ID. Only a third of the price.
By the way, the Tesla: VW ID ratio here is about 10:1. Maybe 20 and maybe even 50. Tesla drives every now and then. The would-be nice bloated toad from Wolfsburg about 2-3 a day. Did they really think it was the successor to the legendary great Golf?
I don’t understand why VW shares are only about a third lower than they were at the peak.
Germans, French…still buy their cars. The expansion of Japanese cars once began here in Scandinavia. Today I see the expansion of Chinese daily. He learns quickly. There is still capitalism. Some look great.

Woche brachte 45 (+3) Staaten. Das liegt vor allem auf MD, BY,MNE,AL…

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