No sign of globetrotters

Somewhere in the European Championship. But only Northern. Faroe Island FO.

Then nothing happened again. Today at least 33 states. Yesterday was the weakest day together with Sunday a week ago. These 2 days under 30. But there is a lack of interesting things, mysteries, echoes of big events, super and classic cars, showmen…At least the trucks created impenetrable walls all day.

So I packed it up. And that I will go in the evening. Yes, the evening has been the only time I look forward to since ancient times.

When I come at 11, NL everywhere. I really can’t see over the caravans sometimes. And I. Italy is interesting because only caravans and motorbikes drive. But a lot. In the evening, the numbers remained the same on F and CH. And A even more. I also have to mention CZ. The unequivocal King of the East. Even on par with E and more than L.

In the evening before nine, a somewhat confused couple of hitchhikers appeared. I would guess BY, RUS, maybe LV, LT, EST? She, a blond half a head taller than him. Finally they came to me. They couldn’t find the station. And he was holding Google maps in his hand. I finally met them at the ticket machine. They already had everything filled out, the price to HH showed about 40€. So I say if they know the 9€ ticket. No. So I took charge of the device. Zurück, zurück….I know a one-time Abbruch is better and then I tapped 9€ on a clean screen. And you can ride for free wherever you want, when you want… Well, I was bombarded with dozens of questions from glowing faces. One answer to everything. Everywhere, anytime, anywhere. Tomorrow Munich, I say goodbye.
I think I changed their lives a lot. The hitchhiker’s sign is already in the trash somewhere.
I used to enjoy driving the D. Not anymore. Well, at least someone will enjoy it.

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