Masse statt Klasse

they say in D. This applies in Saturday to PRG and unfortunately also Fehmarn. Migration of nations. But only a few.

Today I wore everything I have here. Even three socks on, 2 shirts,2 jackets… The temperature rose to 16°C, but a sharp icy wind was blowing.  So it felt like a 9. Maybe a 7. And I have never experienced a terrible winter in MC in the winter, not even close.

The decisive moment of the day. I was chasing an AUS bike. The only thing that was suspicious was how clean and tidy it was. That was a surprise. A woman and she spoke to me in English…But what, unfortunately, I don’t know.

So instead of a complete program, I now lay under the covers for 2 hours. And there is Nena in D tv.
She looks a lot better now than she did then. At sixty.
Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann.

(E org. int., DK army, USA Texas, FL, IRL)



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