2 pins in a haystack

Our island, our route, our hotel. It’s not typical Germany. Bikes don’t lock here and strangers greet you with Moin. Even the breakfasts are so honest, peasant. What happens in D, we only know that the train to the end of the world only comes here occasionally. For 9€, the red-greens forced even those who didn’t even consider riding onto the trains. Hasn’t anyone thought of that yet?! All for free. So when the train arrives exceptionally (like on UA – not according to the timetable, but when it arrives, maybe in 3 days) then inside it looks not like the good old BRD, but like the Scum class wagon in Top Gear.

Liechtenstein. They must have had a similar luxury bus somewhere nearby. The lady wondered: “And there is nothing else here?” The port, pier, border shop, nothing I offered interested her at all. After they left I thought. I haven’t been in FL either. Just luxury, but very unobtrusive. All houses with an underground certainly not only for cars, but also for shelters. Cleanliness, order. But I still didn’t see the Rhine, which I was very interested in at the time. So we went in the direction where it should be – but uphill. And then look down. Deep in the artificial floodplain-Rhine. This is FL.

But then it came. Australia AUS and Isle of Guernsey GBG.

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