The total opposite of Prague – Fehmarn

A few meters from the Scandinavian route just silence, greenery, hares and seagulls. And the sea. Not azure-green. No stag partys, grafitti, dirt, garbage, roar, “refugees”, hot pavement, crowded public transport and shopping malls, full street vermin …

Everything takes place here right at the beginning. Unfortunately, I don’t go before, because I always go to breakfast until the last date. Today in the first batch  Saudia KSA. KSA takes pictures even badly, let alone flying. Motorcycles break through the port of the ship so that they can start first.

Several buses come to Border Shop daily from Sweden. That he can then split it.
I often get into nostalgia here. Scandinavia has always been a little higher when it comes to cars and especially trucks. But VW bus and US cars- it was a 90% hit. With Bullis they rode expeditions around the world and the Cadillacs had USA, CDN, KWT, RL … which were crowded in front of the hotels in the center. Before the ryanairs destroyed it all.

I remember Italy. It hasn’t rained there for more than 100 days. And hell day after day. Next in line is us.

Today, 35 states. Again 1UA (happy North) and no RUS. A couple a day, especially in the evening, traveled to the EU. From Murmansk and Arkhangelsk via N.                                 The trucks were fully controlled by the logistics giants DSV, postnord, DHL, Fedex … In the PRG, normal trucks still show up as before. When there were no logistics centers and trucks went from seller to buyer.


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