Qazaqstan Premiere on the island

I wasn’t surprised. The old bus was driven by a dog. Qazaqstan KZ, truck LV.

AND old, FIN trade. Åland AX Nr.5.

Tour today in the sign of technology. The advertising caravan may not even go to DK. Many are only interested in the F market. Cycling expeditions are multiplying.
This bike is very important. As a neutral, it accompanies escapes to which team cars do not penetrate through the peleton. And when a defect occurs — it’s time.

FIN person (?) and DK trade (new) Premiere. Today 34, second best.

So the sponsor caravane is more than 10 km long!!!  As a Czech Television reporter demonstrated, it is important to jump and wave a lot. He collected half a shopping bag.
So the Škoda cars from yesterday will be in the caravane.
Unfortunately, we are not the only way to DK. And I’m at work for about 8 hours. So the losses are huge. For example, I did not see the Ineos and Bora teams. But the winner probably did. I’m guessing Team UAE Emirates, Tadej Pogačar (SLO).
So on Thursday is the last chance for a caravane. It all has its timing. Teams were scheduled to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday.
So what about tomorrow?

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