Midsummer days

Abu Dhabi . Norway helped again. This time hitchhikers. I often praise CH here, but Norway is on the level. Amazing country. Beautiful. Unfortunately, I got the furthest north to Stockholm.

L export. The trucks  transported  Tesla cars, I guess to N. From Bremerhaven, i think. DK have had new (larger) paper provis Lp.

In the evening I peeked again at the VW bus meeting. It’s a very German atmosphere. The best thing is that oldies music wins everywhere. British, Italian, but it got me the most Nena. Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann.

30 states. Today RUS. That transcript. Almost everyone already has it in Prague. Nothing goes to Scandinavia. Only departures S, DK, N, FIN (these traditionally appear in the evening).

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