The unexpected and incredible boom is over

The hard dictatorship eased slightly. Disabled websites (more than 20) are due to return shortly. The foreign flags disappeared from the trams (probably after the tramdrivers protests) and the politicians put CZ badges in the laps again. Which is incredibly hypocritical from this garnitura. According to the latest reports (sometimes from 14 days ago), the number of accused (or investigated for pro-Kremlin propaganda) was 279. At least the media did not report any punishments.

Wonderful old SF. Probably the most beautiful Lp in Europe. Maybe just GBG at the same level. Of course I was looking for clues to Aland. But it looks like the rather northern city of Waasa. That little big Ä is absolutely magical.

While in MC (GE) I saw one traffic incident all the time (I would guess GE / KZ on a super bike came across a transition to a young man) in PRG, horror in the streets is a common occurrence. The tram descending at hellish speed to the Anděl crossroads was probably not to blame. I have no idea how the vehicles ended up on both sides.


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