Soon will Kazakhstan be every second truck?

Kazachstan KZ on the PL basis

As we all know, the EU banned entry158 RUS and 123 BY trucks going to the EU. BY in retaliation, it banned the entry of 43,965 trucks registered in the EU. So I was expecting a barrage of Balkan and KZ trucks. But as we can see, an elegant solution has been found. Report the truck to KZ, and I hope also to KGZ, TJ, etc. and you can easily transport the goods to RUS via BY.

Malostransk√° metro station, before midnight. I talked to those two magical creatures from Japan. And I asked for a picture. But then one of them probably found out that the skirt was too short when sitting, so this came from this. If I could choose between Angelina Jolie or similar, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in favor of one of those Japanese (semi) blondes.

There are also sadder things. The CZ government, a country that is 98% dependent on oil imports from RUS, was among the first to EU boycott oil imports from RUS. So the pictures of moving cars in Prague will soon disappear.

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