The search ended in Mauritania

It’s 15.40. It’s slowly weakening. A pretty young truck drivergirl from E arrives. I noticed her on arrival. She has the green light. And in that shock. Absolutely unprepared. I have no idea what it was.

I don’t think about anything else. I’m going to the hotel to look. Absolutely decisive starting number. 788. The second car had 30 others. The search begins. We already know who it is. The Spaniard bought 4 Toyota in the bazaar and drove a Dakar classic. I already have photos, but I don’t recognize them. I am about to address our 2 great African specialists. Then I go deeper into the past. Up to Lp at the back.
Mauritania RIM, alltime premiere as 118th countries.

He lost the back original Lp somewhere. Someone rather stole it from him. He returned to Marseille with this transcript. See the photo from his video on Facebook.
I do not rejoice and glorify. But the current possibilities provide proof that I really captured Mauritania.

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