It pleases. Before lunch Alandia and after it Jersey.

I first saw the trailer. And then he noticed the car. Alandia AX.                                            

Kubo / Endo finished 67th. Norwegian corner. 8 cars will go to the North on a truck and the owners will go to Le Casino in the evening. My favorite eventually got on in the end. Last. First he cleaned his reindeer, secondly N oval, he came with Lp dirty and now he left unreadable.


I haven’t moved out of the harbor yet. Isle of Jersey. Also Morocco. Better photo later from the garage. Toyota Yaris GR, sales version of the Yaris WRC. I bet it would be faster outside the airport and the highway than all those huge supersports.


Two strategic buildings MC. Cathedral and Oceanographic Museum.

Rare Panhard .Famous times of Citroen.Today, Renault, Peugeot and Citroen are no longer recognizable beyond the label.                                                                                                Controversial participation of UA with ZAZ, even if only in the supplementary category. Only cars that have participated at least once in the past may start on the RMC history. Worse, they stood by the cars all day, drinking beer from a can. It was such a stench that I preferred a VW ID.

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