The borders still remain open.

F / I boundaries. Last year, the covid was 10 times less, but only crossed arms at the border: Fermé. The only thing is certain. covid does what he wants. Perhaps except for masks, everything is completely useless. How much the closures cost, curfews, and it was useless anyway. Now money is flowing from farm companies, so they are forcing us to vaccinate. It is as useless as all of the previous.

In a restaurant in the harbor, seagulls attacked the guests – so they bought a black eagle. Probably the only thing she’s afraid of.

Lance Armstrong didn’t show up? He stayed here a lot. By Bono in Eze. Porsche 906 Carrera 6, 1966, Le Mans. Segond opened a new Porsche store. So I came to see the gem.

In Prague 5, escalators recently changed on Anděl. A year and a half, one of the two exits was closed. Here they do it a little smarter and therefore faster.

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