The biggest holiday in MC broke out.

I was preparing to run on Thursday. But schools closed at noon today. And in the evening, a procession of St. Devotus broke out. So they closed the key streets.

Even on Wednesday night, Hyundai is not packed. They probably said before the season. We already have good cars, so now we will build the biggest buildings. I bet there was a plan at Toyota’s internal pre-season meeting. 1. win the Monte Carlo Rally 2. our driver become the world champion 3. Toyota win the brand competition. I’m probably not alone in thinking that winning the RMC or Monaco F1 GP is as valuable as the rest of the championship.

In the evening on the Place, those who hated people and cars were fine. The beauty from the advertisement of the famous London jewelry store Graff (a branch directly at Le Casino) attracted all the more. I always wondered if it was Maria Sharapova. No . Sara Sampaio (P).

Evening in Italy. When you ascend to Menton-Garavan it is 500m. I enjoy the free way as when the borders opened in 1989. And on the way back Mon Cheri. How is it possible that in Italy everything is 33-50% cheaper than in F? How is it possible that it is cheaper in I than in CZ?

One rally is not over yet and another is coming. The Rallye Monte Carlo historique from several European cities will start on Thursday. So we’ll welcome them here on Friday.

In Italy I bought Ravioli alla Borragine di Albenga. It will be here from here. Albenga is nearby. From Plin. Amazing! Fantastic!!!

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