Thanks to Monaco at least for all this

New day. New team. Ford imported a brand new Puma.

The port is again filled with trucks. And the sea with sailboats.

It shines the longest here. I’m sitting at the bus stop in shirt. The harsher temperature drop min. 10 ºC after sunset.

So I haven’t seen this before. And most of all, he had no idea. I lived in the belief that the rally teams had a tent and there the mechanics were correcting what the drivers had done. But this is F1. The center of the rally was always in Valence. This is my cult place. When I go from the  Geneva with TGV, in Valence, all those colorful skiers get off, all the climbing equipment is taken off the train. I haven’t read it anywhere, but Valence is the gateway to the Alps for me.


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