Cannes is beautiful whole.

The plan was to discover Cannes, where I had not been before. Follow Avenue Carnot to the end. I managed it in an hour and, unlike Nice, Cannes is beautiful everywhere.

Film Palace, I think the most famous modern building in F is undergoing reconstruction. 2 trucks brought these stations. So tomorrow I would like to see the thin arm of the crane at the end lift this load.

In Cannes, unlike MC, “the sun never sets.” In MC he falls behind the mountain already at 15. And not even a ray falls on the Place du Casino in the winter.

The pretty redhead rode as the only passenger on the hop bus. But she hid from us. And only now can I see that at least her dog is watching. And we have a cat!

The renovation of the film palace created an ideal spotter spot. Everything was crowded together. At first I thought it was completely closed. The UAE Dubai thought the same. He turned at the last moment. But I was attentive.


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