San Marino and Tifosi saved the day

One of the victims of Tuesday’s maneuvres. BMW W. He ended up in the parking lot of decommissioned cars. Because of Lp?
I remembered all day how the RSM and the GBM rode at this time. And also how much I liked the trip in RSM.
Never take pictures of the police in the MC. It is strictly forbidden.100% of the territory is under cameras. Even if you take a photo behind your back, they will immediately get it on the intercom. I took the distance from tonight. The end of CZ lambo.

Today a lot of CZ. 2x AL. New face recognition device. Everyone must appear in front of this display before entering the Hotel de Paris. After a few sec. turned green to everyone.
And at the Place today a celebration of Italy and Ferrari. This euphoria will easily infect me. Only one country in the world can rejoice in this way. If you do not live in Maranello or Sta. Agatha you won’t see anything like that, I guess a lot of these enthusiastic admirers saw Ferrari for the first time.

I wish Russia that the West keeps its promises and does not extend to the RUS borders. Even from us, certain politicians went to Kiev on Maidan to disperse the Ukrainians.

January 2019: Trip from Bologna to San Marino. A wonderful memory.                            Great nostalgic. Empty, mysterious. You see the mountains, the sea.

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