Purely French Sunday. Tourists only from the Maghreb.

It is interesting to observe the French. They have such a special charm. France is    Europe’s last hope. Nice today Dimanche.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Woche brachte wieder viele Länder. 51 (-1).  Nur ohne NMK u. MNE.

In front of the Russian Cathedral on Rue de Nicolas II, it burst at the seams. Lp to see: F, RUS,D, I, NL, MC, LV, EST, LT, FL..I will never miss a visit. Young people, children. A healthy nation. Tradition and common sense.
In the MC, they read fairy tales from those balls of light. In French, Italian, English and Russian. Captivating.

Yeah, and don’t go to the airport. Not even GB there anymore. There is nothing left.

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