Iraq packed with Guernsey

On Saturday GBG after IRQ about 5 minutes. Today 50 meters further.                                   

The whole nest of Saudia KSA has been discovered.                                                                   

Evening in the temple. Feast for the senses. Calm music from the perfect equipment.     

I watched an interesting Japanese man at Café de Paris. He ordered (maybe a vintage for 100 € glasses),just snorted and in a moment ordered another.                                                     

And even the owner of Bugatti reappeared. I type RUS. Who knows?                                       

Ondra CZF about CZ Lamborghini. He writes about the fate of the car, as they shipped it from CZ to MC. It is an extremely rare lambo. Translate who cares: To fialovo-růžové Lamborghini na podivné české RZ přivezl do ČR můj kamarád. Jedna z nejzajímavějších barev, jaké jsem kdy viděl. Zakázková od Lamborghini pojmenovaná “Viola Bast”. Ihned to auto prodal do Luxury Cars a ti ho odprodali nějaké půjčovně v Monacu…                                                                                                      


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