Douces soirées monégasques

    At dusk I thought CZ? and the IRL will be the best today.                                                        The new beach is awakening to beauty. The new Avenue Princesse Grace seems to be breathtaking.                                                                                                                                               I was thinking about a GBG scooter. Hardly a new one. But after dark, a storm came.        When Quatar suddenly ran over here. Sprint 200m (bike down in the garage – not allowed in the center! Everywhere else, on the contrary, they drove cars !!!) and it’s Iraq.                    Iraqi Kurdistan as 82th states Premiere  2021 (2020-82).                                                  And Guernsey with a little observer on the roof and Bugatti Chiron arrives and … I’m hungry now and I feel like that’s enough. Thanks, Monaco!

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